The IHS Interactive Technology Summit (formerly Touch Gesture Motion) is the premier event for those looking for a deeper understanding of the technologies revolutionizing the way that humans interact with machines.

Join senior level executives and engineers from across the touch, gesture & motion technology industry for 4 days of industry insight, discussion and networking.

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Agenda Overview

October 22, 2013
Day 1 – Intelligent Sensors

Interactive displays, both direct touch and gesture/motion-based solutions, require sensor silicon that is rapidly enabling new and unique capabilities in increasingly smaller, more powerful, and integrated solutions. The Intelligent Sensors day brings together industry leaders who are working with embedded sensor technologies, supply chain trends, and next-generation developments and concerns.

October 23, 2013
Day 2 – Touch Gesture Motion: Enhancing Interactivity

Perhaps the most exciting development in the display industry is the rapid emergence of interactive displays—technologies that link the human-to-machine interaction in ways that are far beyond the visual.  The Enhancing Interactivity day promises to be both instructional and entertaining as it presents new technologies and juxtaposes them to newly developed applications in several diverse solutions.

October 24, 2013
Day 3 – Touch Gesture Motion: Advanced Touch Solutions

Technologies that enable both pen and touch, haptic feedback, and enhanced tactile response are quickly emerging and proving capable of allowing much more natural touch experiences.  The Advanced Touch Solutions day considers many of the advanced touch technologies, shifts in the supply chain, and materials challenges related to the touch screen market.

October 25, 2013
Day 4 – High Performance Displays: Next-Generation Visualization

High resolution, 3D, high color, high contrast, high frame rates, wide aspect ratio—there are so many ways to differentiate displays based on performance.  The Next-Generation Visualization day explores many of these advanced solutions and predicts future trends in replicating and augmenting the human visual system.